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I would like to welcome you to „SwissDiplomats - ZurichNetwork“. It is one of the younger associations in Switzerland (founded on 2nd July 2011) with the primary objective of promoting the relationship between diplomats who are based in the “greater Zurich area”. However, we aim to go beyond being a social contact platform. Our intention is also to be a potential source of inspiration in Swiss foreign politics as well as in Swiss foreign trade policy.

Our many possible fields of our activities are listed in the annex of our bylaws, which you find on the “structure” section of our website. Our goal is also to facilitate contacts between Swiss diplomats and the “general Swiss voter and tax payer” and to bridge the so called “Röstigraben”: we are proud of our Swiss diversity!

In order to reach these goals, we collaborate with sister organizations in Berne, e.g. the “Association du Corps diplomatique Suisse” (CDS), and in Geneva, the “Club Diplomatique de Genève”. – For practical reasons the language of our modest website is mainly English.

In spite of the geographical reference in the name, the association is neither limited to Zurich nor to Switzerland. Going from “local to global” we have a network with distinguished members all over Switzerland and the small rest of the world. Being an open forum for former, current and future Swiss diplomats, who are spread all over the globe, allows us to offer an ongoing international perspective.

My esteemed colleagues on the Board are: Werner Baumann, Vice president; Paul Koller, cashier; Thomas Füglister, actuary, Therese Adam, assessor, and Kurt Höchner, delegate. Furthermore, we are delighted to have former Ambassador Carlo Jagmetti as Honorary President and Cornelio Sommaruga, former Secretary of State and former President of the ICRC, as one of the Honorary Members. For further information please check the description of the executive committee under the heading “structure”.

We welcome both - new “active” and “passive” members: I am inviting you to take a look at our application form and the bylaws under the description of the “structure” column of the website.


Zurich, 1st of July 2015    -    Dr. Max Schweizer, President